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Apple Chutney Recipe

Traditional Old Somersetshire Apple Chutney Recipe















This recipe is taken straight from the handwritten recipe book of a single family from a village in the Brendon Hills of West Somerset. Most of the recipes recorded here are around one hundred years old. Enjoy! Comments and suggestions for contemporary variations of the recipe most welcome.

Four pounds of Apples
Three pounds of Sugar
Two pounds of Raisins
Four ounces of Garlic or shallot
One ounce of ground Ginger
One tablespoonful of Cayenne Pepper
Two pints of Vinegar
A little Salt

Slice the apples and make a jam of them with the sugar. Put raisins and garlic through the mincer, and add them to the jam. Boil for 6 minutes, then add the remainder. Stir well and place in jars, and seal while hot.

This chutney is ready for eating at once, and will keep almost indefinitely. It is very palatable with all cold meats and made-up dishes. Use up your excess windfall apples in this old Somersetshire recipe.

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