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Canoe Exmoor

Canoeing and Kayaking in Somerset
















Photographs and information on canoeing and kayaking in West Somerset. Back to our sport section.

kayaking in somerset

A regular weekly kayak class for youngsters taking place on the Bridgwater to Taunton canal in Taunton.

Canoeing and kayaking is possible in the Exmoor and West Somerset area. The two rivers probably most suited to canoeing are the River Barle (from Tarr Steps down to Dulverton and the Exe confluence) and River Exe. Both of these rivers are classed as Grade 1 or Grade 2 rivers with some sections being more difficult to paddle than others. Kayaking for advanced paddlers also takes place on the whitewater River Lyn (from Brendon to Watersmeet) and for the extreme thrill seekers on the River East Lyn (from Watersmeet to the sea).

Other waterways in the area that can be paddled include parts of the River Tone and the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal, which is a most attractive water well suited to beginners and less advanced paddlers. Wimbleball Lake on the edge of Exmoor also offers a pleasant paddle in splendid surroundings.

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Visitor Comments left to date on the subject of canoeing


I would respectfully point out that there is a prevailing access agreement on the River Barle whereby permission to canoe has been granted for canoeing BELOW Tarr Steps and only after the fishing season ends on 14th October.
Above Tarr Steps the river is too sensitive to the threatened species of migratory salmon and sea trout to permit access to canoeists or other water craft.
Wildlife conservation is a key feature on the agenda to refine the agreement between river owners and canoeing bodies, in consultation with the Exmoor National Park (where the river valley is within the SSSI), the EA, Natural England and RETA (River Exe and Tributaries Assn).
 Access from Simonsbath and Withypool on the Barle has never been part of any agreement and represents the most sensitve areas for the spawning of the threatened species of migratory fish.
 Iain Stewat Hunter, Sent on behalf of RETA and the River Barle Fishing Club, December 2010

Access by canoe or kayak to any river in England is unfortunately problematic. I urge all interested parties to visit the River Access website for further information.

Geoffrey Smithson, Exmoor, Somerset, December 2010


How is it possible that someone who owns the land near a river has any say in what happens on the river itself!?! I canoe exactly where I like and urge others to do the same!

Steve, Taunton, Somerset, October 2012





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