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Dialect and Accent

Dialect in West Somerset and North Devon













Exmoor is primarily an upland area made up mainly of small villages and hamlets. The largest settlements are Porlock, Dulverton, Lynton, and Lynmouth, Simonsbath and Wheddon Cross.

Most will be aware of the existence of a Somerset / Devon accent, but, perhaps, fewer will realise that distinct accents and dialects are found throughout individual parts of the west country. Exmoor is no different in this respect. Although on the decrease, many of the indigenous population of Exmoor still use a distinct West Somerset / North Devon / Exmoor dialect of English. Here are some Exmoorian dialect words or pronunciations together with their more standard English equivalent. Audio sound files on the way, so please check back soon to hear the words being spoken by natives of the Exmoor and West Somerset area. Do let us know if you'd like to see your favourite Exmoorian word or phrase here.

accent somerset

somerset accent

avore before

bladders blisters

bivver tremble

booty beauty

cleg horsefly

clump thump

culver pigeon

daps plimsolls, canvas shoes

dew snail slug

diddicoy gypsy

diddy small

dimpsy getting dark

fall / vall autumn

gander look

gulch swallow

goosegog gooseberry

hauck cough

kiddle kettle

rigmarole fuss

skitters / squitters diarrhoea

tater, teddy potato

todger penis

turnip head

wand mole (the animal)

yucks hiccups

accent devon

somerset dialect


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Exmoor is a National Park situated on the Bristol Channel coast of south west England. Exmoor is located in two counties, with 71% of the park located in Somerset and 29% located in Devon