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Information on the Exmoorian News and Information website. Exmoor and West Somerset online.


Exmoorian jnr having fun in the mud, somewhere in the Quantock Hills in West Somerset. March 2010.

The Exmoorian website began way back in 1999 when we decided to decipher and put some of the handwritten recipes from an old 19th century family recipe book online for others to try and hopefully enjoy. Since then the website has grown at a steady rate, chiefly through the addition of photographs taken on our travels around the area, and as time has allowed to create the webpages themselves. Do have a look at the sitemap for a fairly full list of the webpages, which are currently online. Further information, photographs, and reviews are added on a regular basis.

Contact the Exmoorian webmaster if you'd like to contribute Exmoor and/or West Somerset material.





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