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Exmoor is primarily an upland area made up mainly of small villages and hamlets. The largest settlements are Porlock, Dulverton, Lynton, and Lynmouth, Simonsbath and Wheddon Cross.

Lorna Doone is a historical romance by R.D. Blackmore. The novel is set in the wilds of Exmoor during the late 17th century, and concerns the adventurous life of the yeoman John Ridd and his love for Lorna Doone, a beautiful maiden. Blackmore considered the novel a romance and studded it with the high adventure, dramatic set pieces, bloody villainy, and obstacles to love that characterise the genre. The author uses a 'phonogogic' style for his characters' speech, which emphasised their accent and manner of forming words in Exmoor at that time.

The book, first published as it was in 1869, is now long out of copyright. The text you can read here online has been converted from the original printed word to an electronic version using the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system. Visitors to the Exmoorian site are then with the help of modern technology able to read the full text of 'Lorna Doone - a Romance of Exmoor', online for free.

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Preface to 1869 Edition

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Chapter 70 to the end of the book Lorna Doone

Download the full book, Lorna Doone, as a PDF file.

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Exmoor is a National Park situated on the Bristol Channel coast of south west England. Exmoor is located in two counties, with 71% of the park located in Somerset and 29% located in Devon