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Sponge Cake Recipe

Traditional Sponge Cake Recipe from West Somerset











Exmoor is primarily an upland area made up mainly of small villages and hamlets. The largest settlements are Porlock, Dulverton, Lynton, and Lynmouth, Simonsbath and Wheddon Cross.

This recipe is taken straight from the handwritten recipe book of my Great Grandmother, who was born and bred in the Brendon Hills of West Somerset, and is at least one hundred years old. Enjoy! Comments and suggestions for modern tweeks to the recipe most welcome.

Six ounces of fine Flour
Half a pound of Castor Sugar
Four Eggs

Sift and warm the flour. Beat the eggs and sugar together for twenty minutes, then stir in the flour lightly. Bake in a cake-tin lined with buttered paper in an oven for one hour.











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Exmoor is a National Park situated on the Bristol Channel coast of south west England. Exmoor is located in two counties, with 71% of the park located in Somerset and 29% located in Devon